Headed to the Tallapoosa


I am on my way to the Tallapoosa River, where Kelly Jaye and Tommy Biffle fished yesterday.


I expect to have a little bit of an adventure from this. Jaye had a pretty good sack of fish yesterday but Biffle crashed getting up there.


That's why I'm going to drive up there. I'm in my truck driving down I-85, which is a much nicer ride than a jet boat.


The interesting thing about this morning is we received a notice from Alabama Power they may shut off the water.


With the water up, canoeist, kayakers and other adventure seekers have been using the river.


Unfortunately one of them drowned yesterday and they've not been able to locate the body.


They may actually shut the water down in order to aid in the search


We obviously understand the importance of that over allowing some guys to be able to fish. We just hope they have found the body before we get there and we say a prayer for the family of the loved ones.


It all produces a very interesting morning that has me searching the Alabama countryside, hoping to find fishing and not searching 

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