Evers makes a bold move

Edwin Evers just threw us a major curveball. He decided to make a 12-mile run up the Tallapoosa River, which is uncharted territory for Darren Jacobson and me. Even our boat driver, Pike Road's very own Matt Chambliss, isn't exactly sure where we are.


We crossed underneath the Highway 231 bridge and settled on a spot about three miles upriver near a big sandbar. There are a couple of sunbathers out, probably wondering what we're doing out here.


Following the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year points leader, that's all.


Evers appears to be throwing a worm toward a single tree that is suspended in this flooded area. Most of this river, Chambliss said, is only about 2 or 3 feet deep under the typical water pool. It was a long run for Evers. Here's hoping it was a good move for him.


Side note -- John Murray, who according to BassTrak has more than 20 pounds today, was also in the Tallapoosa, albeit about 10 miles from where we are now.

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