Evers has been all over the place

Here's an idea of how much running Edwin Evers did today.


From the launch, he went to the Bouldin Dam Canal and went up and down it several times. He ran up and down the Coosa for a while and then maybe a really long run (about 12 miles one way, we estimate) up the Tallapoosa and then back down that river. He then decided, oddly we found, to turn down the Alabama River and motor past the launch. It was at that point we realized that we were running low on gas.


We lost Evers and attempted to reach our own boat launch, which is at Gold Star Park way back up the river in Wetumpka. After another 20-mile run, we almost got there, but ran out of gas -- about one mile from where the Bouldin Canal and the Coosa converge.


That's how much running Edwin Evers did today.


We are happy to say that fuel is being delivered to our boat.

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