Bouldin Dam and on our way

Bill Lowen is fishing so close to the shoreline of this Bouldin Dam Canal, he could reach out and grab the bushes if he wanted. How you doing Bill? "Not good," he said. That's a different story from yesterday when the River Rat had four fish in this same spot by 8 a.m.


Koto Kirayama is in the canal now; and unlike most of the guys we've seen, he's fishing closer to the middle of the channel. No report on how he's doing.


Edwin Evers whacked them yesterday and he has a pair of spectator boats with him today. He's got a jig of some kind tied on and is pitching it to the shoreline. Edwin is typically very quiet when he's on the water, so we'll have to wait to see what he has until a little later.


Pipkens races out of the canal. We think we know where John Murray is. On our way.

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