Blogger essentials

So here I sit doing what I said I would never do again, blogging. But there are no anglers in sight and we are sitting in the Coosa River waiting on Brent Chapman to kayak back our way.


Pictured is Steve Wright, blogger extraordinaire, and all the essentials apparently needed to survive a day of blogging. Of course you see a laptop and a river map ... and for some reason, an ammo box. It reminds me of a 'bug out' bag that the 'end of the world as we know it' people have at the ready.


Included in Wright's end-of-the-world blog kit is rope, Velcro straps, five cans of Copenhagen, Rolaids, parachute cord, Grime Boss heavy duty hand cleaner, JB Weld, wire pliers, Swiss Army knife, toothpicks, aspirin, several lighters, corkscrew wine opener, IGFA tape measure, first aid stuff, and on and on.


Everything but a pair of reading glasses that I really need right now.


Which is why I am quitting blogging again.