Smoke signals

Because there is absolutely no service for BASSTrakk we are relying on a system of text messages and smoke signals to get as much info as we can.


Currently it's working pretty well. Soon we will have a standings sheet so we can watch how these guys move up and down.


For early morning catches we have: 


Mark Menendez with four fish for about 7 3/4 pounds;

Britt Myers has a 5-pounder,

Randy Howell has a 4-pounder,

Dustin Wilks has two that weigh about 4 3/4-pounds,

Boyd Ducket has two that weigh around 3 3/4 pounds,

Terry Butcher has two that weigh about 4-pounds,

Brent Chapman has a 2 1/2 pound smallmouth,


And the info keeps rolling in.

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