Side by side battle

Edwin Evers and Brandon Palaniuk started here within shouting distance of each other toward the back of Sugarloaf Creek. Evers is on the bank, while Palaniuk is in the middle. Evers just landed a short fish.


Palaniuk just landed a fish that apparently is allowing him to cull up a bit, but we are closer to Evers, so we didn't see the catch.


"I've got one decent one, about four pounds, the rest are all about two-and-a-half," Evers said. "I'm having a hard time landing them today."


That should add up to about 14 pounds.


We're easing over to Palaniuk. The wind is starting to pick up on what has been a fairly calm day. Most of these anglers are praying for wind.


"I've got about 17 pounds," Palaniuk said.  "I'd like to have about three more pounds. But that can happen here pretty quick.


"I've probably caught 15 or 20 today. The bite has changed every day. Today has been hit and miss. It's definitely not like yesterday. It's more like the first day. I'll get three or four bites, then there's a lull, then I'll get three or four more."


Palaniuk confirmed that he was able to cull up maybe a half-pound a few minutes ago with a three-pounder.


Rick Clunn just buzzed in and out of this area.


Palaniuk said the finger he hooked yesterday isn't bothering him.

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