Needing a flurry of 5s

Bobby Lane is interviewed Saturday morning. (Jerry Cunningham photo)


Count Bobby Lane among the anglers astounded by the Bull Shoals Lake fishery.


"I was really amazed to see the quality of fish and the numbers still coming in every day," he said at launch, "and they're not getting beat on. You can go back to the same areas and catch the same amount of fish. It's amazed me."


Lane started Day Three in third place with 37-7, a bit more than 8 pounds behind leader Brandon Palaniuk. When asked if he was doing special, Lane said he was just chunking line.


"You spend more time culling fish than catching fish," he said. "It's a matter of culling one of the 2-and-a-half pounders for a 4-pounder. It's a great lake. great fishery, tons of fish in it. But it's kind of crapshoot. It's the guy who can catch the 4 or 5 pounder instead of the 2 pounders."


While he said so long to brother Chris, the reigning Classic champ who headed home Friday, he was left with words of encouragement.


"It's unfortunate he missed the cut yesterday," he said. "He left here with a smile on his face and told me to go get them today."


Lane is trying. He has caught about 12 pounds today to maintain his position, but he'd have to get on a flurry of 5-pounder to make a dent in Palaniuk's lead, which is about 11 pounds right now.

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