Fletcher Shryock has it figured out

No more bites since the first fish for Brandon Palaniuk, but Fletcher Shryock thinks he's got his lineup narrowed down.  I am reminded that at lunch with Steve Bowman and Ryan Watkins on Tuesday, Ryan said that Palaniuk told him he thought he was on something and he was doing something no one else was doing.


Our first reaction was "how would you know that no one else was doing something similar on a lake that sprawls like this one?" Still, word gets around remarkably well, like a jungle telegraph. More on that later.


Meanwhile Zona says Brandon is seeing more fish suspended over deep water, which he hasn't been seeing before. Fletcher points out that the water is definitely colder here than at points farther down the lake. That could explain the definite pre-spawner look of his fish so far.  The water looks somewhat dirtier here, too.