Elites looking ahead to 2013 Classic

It's never too early to start thinking about the 2013 Bassmaster Classic on Oklahoma's Grand Lake, especially if you're an Elite angler from Oklahoma or a pre-tournament favorite. Mike McClelland is a definite pre-Classic favorite, having won the Elite event on Grand in 2006. Right now, he's on the bubble for qualifying for the championship. He's 37th in the AOY race. A cadre of Sooner State residents are also watching their points as the season progresses. Edwin Evers (currently 4th) and Tommy Biffle (8th) are looking strong. Jeff Kriet (38th) has some work to do. Fred Roumbanis (59th) and Terry Butcher (61st) can still get there, but Kenyon Hill (96th), Dave Smith (98th) and a pair of Elite rookies —Kevin Ledoux (82nd) and Jared Miller (94th) —are already in trouble. Their chances of fishing a backyard Classic next year are slipping away.