Bull Shoals challenges

Day Three of the Trokar Quest is well under way and so are its challenges.


Just about every venue the Elite Series goes to has areas where cell service is sketchy. A lot of people like it that way. They go to the lake they want to get away from the phones and the hubbub of the world.


But in order for us to produce a good look at what is taking place in these events we need to be able to have some sort of way of keeping in touch with anglers. Bull Shoals doesn't give us many options.


The Ozarks are about as remote as you can get from cell towers. You've seen those commercials where the big cell carriers tell you they have 96 percent coverage? They are mostly full of it. But the four percent they don't have blankets Bull Shoals.


Still, we are making every effort to get as much info as possible. I'll tell you more about that as the day progresses.


Meanwhile, we do have reports of catches taking place.


Randy Howell has a 4-pounder in his livewell, which shoots him up the standings into the top 10. Dustin Wilks has a couple of keepers for about 4 1/2 pounds total. And Boyd Duckett has a 2 3/4 pounds on two fish.


More later, so stay tuned.

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