Chapman says AOY not important now

Brent Chapman began the day in fifth place, and reports from the water are he only has one fish of about 2.5 pounds so far. Relying on texts for catch infomation, he could have more but might be out of cell range.


Staying in the top 12 and fishing Sunday could be important for his chances to win the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year. With Skeet Reese missing the cut, it's a given Chapman will be leading the standings after the TroKar Quest. Not important, Chapman said.


"You can't think much about Angler of the Year right now," he said this morning at launch. "It's always great to have that opportunity and be where I'm at, but that doesn't really matter until Oneida (the final Elite Series event)."


He will be in for a $1,000 bonus award from Toyota for leading, and while that's great, he has his eyes on the biggest prize.


"Hopefully we can keep this momentum going, keep us up there, where Oneida will be an exciting tourament," he said.


Like most of the anglers on Bull Shoals, Chapman is cranking. He caught all his Day One fish on a crankbait, then switched it up a bit Friday.


"I culled out all my cranking fish yesterday with a bigger fish catcher, and hopefully I can do that again today," he said.


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