Welcome to the junkfest

I did a quick, informal survey of the All-Stars lure lineups this morning, and I saw every lure known to man except an Alabama Rig, which isn't legal in this tournament anyway. It's obvious the pros haven't zeroed in on a single lure, technique or pattern. Almost everyone had one or more of these baits tied on at the start of fishing today: spinnerbaits, shaky heads, buzzbaits, topwaters, square bill crankbaits, medium running crankbaits, jigs, creature baits and lipless cranks.


That's usually a sign that fish are hard to come by. Their best hope is to stumble across a fish or two at the moment that bass feels like biting. The variety of lures is necessary to have some offering that fits the situation.


Edwin Evers, by the way, led the All-Star field in number of rods rigged and ready. He had 14 at take-off. Most had nine or 10.

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