Stuck in the mud

Ott DeFoe experimented with running up the lake — way up the lake. The run took roughly 20 minutes, then there’s a giant basin that’s idle-only. That took another 15 minutes. So after 35 or so minutes of no-wake zones and pain-in-the-rear idling, Ott nears the Promised Land, a spot close to  where Edwin Evers is currently fishing. We knew DeFoe was in trouble when the shower of water his Mercury was kicking up went from white spray to a deep brown. Ott’s Nitro will float in some skinny water, but it won’t float on land, and that’s where he found himself.

After removing his bibs, coat and shoes, Ott hopped in while Wes Miller, his cameraman captured all the action. DeFoe struggled as he worked the boat back and forth, battling the soft mud that made getting a good footing difficult. After 5 minutes of that, he fired the big motor up again to see if he was free, but it was still slinging earth 40 feet into the air. However, there was enough water that he was able finagle his way off of the bar. Since that didn’t pan out, we’re headed back down the lake.

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