Storm on the horizon

According to my trusty iPhone app, we're about to be hit by a thunderstorm in three minutes, so Steve Bowman and I are battening down the hatches and preparing to race to the launch ramp. We're still in sight of Brent Chapman, who has returned to his deep structure spot in hopes of jigging up another keeper or two. It's a pretty sight, with sunlight illuminating his chartreuse wrapped Triton and a dark storm cloud just on the other side of him. I don't know what the sound of thunder does for bass fishing, but if it makes 'em bite, we're about to see some action.

After missing a big bass a while ago, Chapman spent the next several minutes raking the shoreline with a white swimbait, then a crankbait. "I think he hooked the only fish on that bank," suggested Bowman. Apparently he was right. We'll have to wait until weigh-in to see whether Chapman protects his No. 4 position. We're heading in, hopefully ahead of this storm.