The more things change ...

Did you know that three of the four anglers on the water today at All-Star Week were in the semifinals last year, too? Edwin Evers, Ott DeFoe and Gerald Swindle were three of the four semifinalists in 2011, and they’re back this year. The fourth semifinalist was Casey Ashley — replaced by Aaron Martens this year.


The stage is set for a rematch if Evers can defeat Swindle and DeFoe surpasses Martens. Last year it was DeFoe who eliminated Swindle; this year it’s Evers assignment.


Of course, eliminating Swindle and Martens will be more than just tough. They are, respectively, the best “junk” fisherman and the best natural angler in the Elite Series. They won’t go down without a fight. This should be very interesting.

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