Martens waits for the warm-up

What do you do when you know you're around bass but they aren't biting? You call them. At least, that's what Aaron Martens has resorted to doing here at his uplake hot spot. "Here, fishy-fishy," he said. He should know that never works. Martens caught two good fish along this bank in practice, and only one 14-incher this morning. The difference between then and this morning is that he was fishing faster Tuesday, hunting for clues to patterns, when those bass bit. Today, he's soaking jigs and plastics among the rocks, and that isn't working quite as well. He has kicked his trolling motor into high gear now, quickly scraping the rocks with his jig. He's not hanging up nearly as often now.


The sun needs to warm this water up for the fish to start biting," he told us. His most reliable pattern is "sun-related," he said. That must mean he's finding fish around cover, where bass go when the sun is bright. There isn't a cloud in the sky to block that sun, so conditions should get right before long.


The other tactic of desperation, after calling for the fish, is to verbalize a bite into happening. "I'm about to catch a 5-pounder here," he said out loud, so the fish could hear. That didn't work either.

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