Martens makes his move

The Natural is at it again. In all of pro bass fishing I don’t think there’s a single angler with as much natural ability as Aaron Martens. That’s why I started calling him “The Natural” and why his column has that title. In all of the Elites, few anglers are as good at catching a limit day in and day out — though KVD, Ott DeFoe, Todd Faircloth and Gerald Swindle deserve to be in the conversation, too.


Well, Martens just put his fourth keeper in the livewell and unofficially has about seven pounds for the day. It’s not enough to catch DeFoe, who has about 11-8, but it’s looking good to advance him to the semifinals if he has any kind of catch at all tomorrow.


One of the things I admire about Martens is his tremendous instinct for the sport. His decisions are rarely off target, and when he plays his hunches he’s usually near the top of the leaderboard. He’s also uncannily accurate at estimating the weight of his catch. If his marshal is logging the weights that Martens tells him, I guarantee that he’s no more than an ounce or two off the 7-0 you see on BASSTrakk.


I don’t want it to sound like Martens doesn’t work at the sport or that his natural ability is all he has going for him. That would be horribly untrue. No one works harder on his gear or demands more from his equipment. His meticulousness and attention to detail are legendary, and he worked extremely hard to get to this level.


Not everyone knows that Martens taught himself bass fishing. He didn’t have a father or a bunch of uncles to show him the ropes of the sport. He learned it himself from the ground up and he learned it well.


He’s so good and has so much ability, that I often tell him the only person who can beat Aaron Martens is Aaron Martens.

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