Martens in the lead, but by how much?

With the 3 1/2-pounder Aaron Martens just landed, he definitely has the lead. Like master B.A.S.S. blogger Steve Wright just wrote, Martens is “consistently accurate” in estimating bass weights. I’d be willing to bet, though, that Martens' lead is not as big as the 1-6 BASSTrakk is showing right now. Edwin Evers tends to estimate low, so Martens’ lead is probably less than that. And you’d better believe that both Martens and Evers know it.

The pressure is definitely on Evers now. The spot he worked so hard to get to is not producing fish of the same quality as Martens is getting on the main lake. Will he leave it soon to go to the giant (6-pound) bass Ott DeFoe lost yesterday? DeFoe told him where it was, after all. Will Martens pick up his flipping stick and look for a “kicker” or stick with what’s gotten him the lead?

Decisions, decisions — they’re what determine the outcomes of bass tournaments.

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