KVD climbs the leaderboard

Kevin VanDam is the picture of concentration as he cranks a deep point on Lake Shelbyville, hunting for his first keeper. That concentration pays off as he catches a solid fish at the mouth of a cove. Kevin says the fish will go 2 3/4 pounds. I can tell from two long casts away that he's relieved to get rid of his goose egg. 


After Aaron Martens left his railroad bridge for parts unknown, Steve Bowman and I drove downlake to Opossum Cove, where KVD was rumored to be fishing. He had just left when he arrived, but we stopped for a chat and a few photos of Terry Scroggins. Scroggins told me at the briefing last night that the fishing is so tough at Shelbyville right now, "There'll probably be three or four guys who zero tomorrow. And I'm likely to be one of them." Fortunately for him, the second part of that prediction isn't going to prove true. He had two bites this morning, one of them a keeper.


Scroggins left and VanDam roared by, so we pulled into his wake and chased him several miles back uplake to the point where he's now cranking. Ten casts later he caught that heavy (comparatively speaking) bass. He immediately thanked Bowman for bringing him good luck. That lone fish should move him up the leaderboard. VanDam just now skiied in a non-keeper. He's definitely around fish. Whether there are more 14-inchers to be caught, we'll stick around to see.

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