Up the Kaskaskia

There's more to the Kaskaskia River than Steve Bowman and I are able to survey. We chickened out in our effort to track down Skeet Reese. After navigating stumpfields and mud flats for most of an hour, we've decided not to go any further. A phone call to Skeet's Bassmaster cameraman, Rick Mason, informed us that they are another mile up the channel, which is almost impossible to follow. The depth goes from 3 feet to nothing in a matter of feet, and it's not intuitive to follow. Skeet told us he idled his way upriver in his scouting trip there but was able to run back downriver on plane. We're idling out, just as we idled in. Mason said Reese hasn't caught a fish yet, so we're returning to the main lake to look for other anglers we can photograph and interview.