Find 'em, catch 'em ... fast

Back in the day, Rick Clunn and Larry Nixon had big reputations for figuring out successful patterns quickly and executing them efficiently. It’s why they won so many Classics (four for Clunn) and Megabucks tournaments (four for Nixon).


There’s a special skill to hitting the water cold or with very limited practice and divining a winning pattern, but that’s what those guys in the old formats for the Classic and Megabucks had to do. Today’s pros generally have more practice time. All-Star Week is an exception, however, since they got just one day on Lake Shelbyville and another on Lake Decatur.


We know that Kevin VanDam fishes fast, but he also tends to figure things out quickly, too, as evidenced by the fact that he tends to practice less than most of the Elite pros. Steve Kennedy does the same thing, but he didn’t qualify for All-Star Week this year. Ott DeFoe and Edwin Evers are obviously talented at getting to the core of things under pressure, as evidenced by their success in All-Star competition last year.

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