Evers culls up a pound

The fans out here are getting a treat. Evers just hooked into a 2 1/2-pound fish, which promptly got hung up on a stick, which caused a panic in Evers and shouts from the crowd of 12 or so. Evers immediately fell to the deck, leaned over and grasped for the fish, which was a foot or so under the water, struggling epically to free itself. Evers, with teeth gritted, lunged again and again for the fish for nearly 10 seconds, which must’ve felt like an eternity. Finally, he got his hand in its mouth and pulled it to the surface, which caused the crowd to erupt in cheers.


He added a pound to his total, so he likely has passed Martens if BASSTrakk is accurate. What a nail-biter long on drama this is shaping up to be. However, as Evers idled by us, he said that he’s worried about his fuel — his gauge reads zero. I’m not sure what his options would be if he were to run out of fuel; he may need to be towed in. This is definitely one of the best tournaments I’ve covered.

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