Evers adds to his total

Bassmaster photographer Seigo Saito texted me a minute ago that Edwin
Evers has boated his third bass of the day already. Evers, the leader
on Day 1, caught one just under 2 pounds in a pocket by the launch
site just minutes after takeoff.


He boated a 1-pounder at about 9 a.m. And a 2 1/2 a half-hour later,
Seigo said. Evers is running pockets along the lakeshore. Whatever
he's doing is working.


Steve Bowman piddled around too long and let Skeet Reese get too far
out in front for us to follow in his wake. Consequently, Skeet's out
of sight in the far upper end -- the extremely shallow end -- of Lake
Shelbyville. He's probably catching fish and we're stuck in mud.