Don't doubt DeFoe

Remind me never to doubt the angling acumen of Ott DeFoe. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, DeFoe told me yesterday that he believed a two-day total of 7 1/2 pounds would get an angler into the semifinals. That’s a paltry 3 pounds, 12 ounces a day.


Now, as I look at the BASSTrakk scoreboard, I see that fourth place is shared by Mike Iaconelli (notorious for overestimating his weights, by the way) and Gerald Swindle with … wait for it! … 3-12. Yes, there’s still some fishing time left in the day, but it’s growing short and that number could hold up for the rest of the afternoon. If it does, DeFoe looks like Nostradamus and other anglers, who grossly overestimated what they could catch today, may feel a little silly and out of touch with their practice experience.


Meanwhile, DeFoe leads the way with 11-8. If everything were to stay basically the same from now to weigh-in and if BASSTrakk is accurate (a couple of very big “ifs”), then DeFoe should be able to sleep in tomorrow and snooze his way into the semifinals. Someone else might take the lead if he were to do that, but it’s unlikely he’d get knocked out of the top four and out of the competition.

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