Deeeee-Foe, Deeeee-Foe


Ott DeFoe told me yesterday that he thought 3 3/4 pounds per day on Shelbyville might be enough to make the top four and advance to the semifinals on Lake Decatur. Now that he’s got several very nice bass in the well, he probably feels pretty good about things. BASSTrakk shows him with three bass weighing a total of 10 pounds. If his assessment of the fishing on Shelbyville is even close to correct, he may have already qualified for the weekend. Ott takes All-Star Week very seriously — partly because he’s a true pro and partly because he won the first one last year and doesn’t want anyone else to win one … at least for a while. Ott’s quiet, very poised and a fun guy to talk with. His competitive streak is a mile wide, though, and he doesn’t display it like some other anglers. When Kevin VanDam is in the hunt, you know it. He’s a shark and he plays all the angles, getting in the head of his competition and generally letting them know that the footsteps they hear coming up behind them are his. It’s intimidating. DeFoe is different. He looks calm, reserved, but that extra gear that not too many have is there, and he’ll use it. The contrast in personalities and styles is fascinating.

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