A curse and a blessing

The long drought period that has plagued Decatur Lake is proving to be both a blessing and a curse to Edwin Evers this morning. He has decided to fish the extreme northern end of the lake, and it’s muddy going. I saw his prop blowing mud 30 feet into the air as he tried to get through an extremely shallow channel – or what used to be a channel before the lake level dropped. He’s fighting his way back in, and it looks like he’ll make it.


I’ve had to pull my bass boat up on the bank and hop in with a couple of spectators who were trailing Evers in a flat-bottom boat. With their shallower draft, they can go where my boat can’t. I can’t thank them enough for giving me a ride. The water is deep enough to float a duck. We’ve passed three blinds on our way back, and every one of them has had hunters in them. I’m sure they’re wondering what in the heck we’re doing out here.


So, the curse is that it’s so hard for Evers to get to his spots. The blessing is that it’s been so long since anybody else could reach the area. He’ll basically be fishing “new” fish. They haven’t been touched in weeks, maybe months.


I looked at the place on Google Earth last night and photos show several clean water ponds. Evers might load the boat, or this might turn out to be a whole lot of nothing.

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