Chunking and waiting

Still no keepers for Michael Iaconelli. He's caught white bass, crappie, drum and undersize bass so far this morning, but still no largemouth over 14 inches. He doesn't seem worried, though. "It's not 12:30 yet," he said. That's the time he caught the single bass he weighed in yesterday. It weighed 4 pounds even and left him in a tie for sixth place after Day 1 with Kevin VanDam. We watched him pull in an 8-inch bass just now. He appears to be fishing a shaky head jig, and he's concentrating on riprap banks. He said the only promising pattern he had going in practice involved fishing around rocks. On this lake, most of the rockpiles were placed to control erosion around bridges and on a few select shorelines.

We stopped near Ike as he fished riprap around the Highway 11 bridge. On the way downriver, Matt Herren passed us, heading for the stumpfields where we abanoned our search for Skeet Reese. Hope he makes it there and back. It's dicey running.

I'm impressed with the number of spectator boats trailing each of the anglers. Ike has his share, which is to be expected for the angler voted into Alll-Star Week as the No. 1 fan favorite. Kevin VanDam had as many as 16 boats following him yesterday. I guess a lot of diehard anglers have taken these days off work. Some locals are fishing here and there, but most of the boats we've seen today are followinbg their heroes.