Chapman's strategy

Brent Chapman is chatting up a storm with his observer and a spectator nearby. Most pros with this much at stake concentrate exclusively on their fishing -- they can't afford to lose focus, even for a moment. Chapman is keeping his eyes on his depthfinder much of the time, making sure he's at the right depth as he drags his jig across the bottom. It's slow fishing. "You pull up here and catch three in an hour, and you'd think i could fish around here and catch another," he said. It's been almost 1 1/2 hours since his last bite.

"If I could catch just two more fish of any size I feel like i would have a legitimate shot at making the semifinals," Chapman said. I think he's right, based on what others are catching -- or not catching -- today. "This wind's not making it easy," he added. He's using the same football jig he fished to win the Toledo Bend Battle Elite event earlier this year. He has added a big Tightlines UV Hawg as a trailer.