Chapman goes ballistic

Brent Chapman seems to be one of the most even-tempered pros in the Bassmaster Elite Series. But you wouldn't know that by the way he just exploded after missing a keeper just now. Chapman had the fish half-way back to the boat when it came unbuttoned. He immediately began slamming his lure into the water and otherwise having a fit. I don't blame him. He knows how important every bite is in an event like this. It was a rare display of emotion for Chapman, and it was over in 30 seconds. He doesn't know he's in fourth place right now, a position that would earn him a berth in tomorrow's Evan Williams Bourbon Championship semi-finals on Decatur Lake. But he believes he is within striking distance.


Chapman has abandoned his deep structure spot near the dam and has moved a quarter-mile up the lake to a shallow sloping bank. The fish hit a shad colored crankbait. Chapman just confirmed that the fish was a "solid 3-pounder, maybe 4." What a heartbreaker.