Weather impact on Day Four

We don't know whether this is a harbinger of great things to come or quite the opposite, after hearing so many of the pros talk about having a difficult practice on Toledo Bend.


Today's conditions are overcast, slightly foggy and really muggy. Not exactly, the type things you build a post card with, but it is much closer to the weather these guys had during their practice period. 


Again, some of them made a point of saying they had terrible practices. Hopefully that won't translate into a tough final day. But we do know from experience that these type days seem to pull fish off of the cover, which means these guys may not be able to pin-point their targets as well as they have been the last couple of days.


Suspended roaming fish can be the bane to the guy casting in 20- to 30-feet of water. Or they can turn into a dream for a topwater guy. 


It will be interesting to see how things play out. One thing is for certain, in this part of Louisiana the weather can change quickly. 


There might be a few Elites hoping for that change sooner than later.

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