Pace puts heat on leader

Cliff Pace just landed a 3-pounder on his new spot. Fought it to the boat and belly landed it. That will put him very close to the leader if BASSTrakk is accurate. 


A few minutes later, Pace sets the hook again! This one rocketed to the surface ... a good fish. Cliff plays it to the boat and flips it in. It's a 3 1/2. Maybe 4. He culls again. Watch out Mr. Chapman, the pace is being set (couldn't help myself).


And another one! Pace boat flips another chunk ... and releases a smaller one. If I were better at math, I'd likely have a clue at what he has. Pace has culled three times from this one spot, though. So, I imagine he's scaring 18 pounds to death.
Cliff Pace

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