Leaderboard update

We believe Cliff Pace's numbers in BASSTrakk are off. 


Brent Chapman keeps the lead. His pattern has changed predominantly to a jig bite instead of the big flutter spoon. Rotation of these two key baits has been a critical part of Chapman's offshore tactics.


Fish catch intervals are becoming more abundant as the bite is increasing with conditions starting to clear off and become stable like the previous days of competition.


Chapman currently has a 4-pound, 9-ounce lead over Marty Robinson.


1. Brent Chapman-79-2

2. Marty Robinson- 74-9

3. Cliff Pace- 73-14

4. Greg Hackney- 70-3

5. Timmy Horton- 68-11

6. Cliff Prince- 67-9

7. Mark Davis- 65-0

8. Casey Ashley- 59-6

9. Yusuke Miyazaki- 58-1

10. Paul Elias- 55-6

11. Chris Zaldain- 54-3

12. Matt Herren- NO REPORT