Just how good is Toledo Bend? A comparison

While the leaderboard gets its customary final-round shakeup, I'm back in the lab (home office) looking at the stats. If you're wondering how Toledo Bend is stacking up against the other Elite Series venues from 2012, it's on the middle to low side in terms of production.


In Bassing Average (the average number of keeper bass brought to the scales for each angler day), the Bend is dead last among the 2012 venues at 4.3871. Bull Shoals was best with 4.9615 (out of a possible 5), Okeechobee was second with 4.8731, Douglas was third with 4.8615 and the St. Johns was fourth with 4.7269.


In case you're wondering, the historical average for all Elite events is 4.5693, so Toledo Bend is quite a bit below the average.


Some of that is due to the changing patterns on the water and the fact that bass tend to be a little tougher to catch once things heat up, but these Elite anglers are the ultimate pros. They catch 'em anywhere and anytime. Toledo Bend just hasn't produced at quite the same pace as the other waters this year.


We'll take a look at average bass weight and average daily catch weight in a few minutes.

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