Close calls at the weigh-in

With this tournament looking like it's coming down to the wire, now's a good time to talk about the closest events in Elite Series history. After all, one of them was right here on Toledo Bend.


Two Elite tournaments have been decided by a single ounce. The first was on the California Delta in 2010 when John Crews edged Skeet Reese by the narrowest of margins, 72-6 to 72-5.


The second was here in Many, La., just a year ago. Dean Rojas led every day of that tournament, but he saw his lead whittled down to a single ounce in the finals. That's how close it got between Rojas and Gerald Swindle. When it was over, Rojas had 70-15 to the G-Man's 70-14. It doesn't seem like much until you look at the difference in prize money. Rojas earned $100K, while Swindle had to settle for $25K.


When bass sell for $75,000 per ounce, you know you're in an expensive neighborhood.

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