Chapman or Pace in lead?

We all took a jump back when we saw BASSTrakk roll Cliff Pace's weight up to about 25 pounds, then keep going to over 27 pounds.


That would have given him a pretty solid lead. Unfortunately, through electronic error or hitting the wrong button on the unit, that's no where near where Pace's real total is at the moment.


We were finally able to get in touch with his cameraman, James Massey, who told us that Pace actually has around 18 pounds.


That puts him about 3 pounds behind Brent Chapman.


For those who were in the Chapman camp and might have fainted, cried or cussed, all is good.


For those in the Pace camp who might have fainted, jumped and yelled, time to take all that back for now.


Pace could still pull this off as could anyone down the list. The bite for the bigger fish has been good in the afternoon. It would only take a giant or even two (both possible) to really shake things up.


In the middle of this perceived Pace jump, I was reminded of last season when Gerald Swindle made a big run at the end of the day and fell short by an ounce.


If it can happen, it will happen on Toledo Bend.