Big moves on leaderboard

A quick update after what seemed like a flurry that encompassed the whole lake. That said, we have to note some of our anglers are completely out of cell service. At the moment, though:

  1. Brent Chapman has about 16 1/2 pounds and is in the lead 75-14
  2. Marty Robinson is in second with about 72-9 total
  3. Cliff Pace is in third with about 72-6
  4. Greg Hackney just filled out a 15-pound limit and has about 70-3
  5. Mark Davis has four fish for about 15 pounds and has moved from 12th to 5th with only four fish
  6. Timmy Horton is fighting off what has to be one of the biggest heartbreaks of the year, losing a 7-pound class fish at the boat. He has 64-3 total and could be much higher
  7. Cliff Prince is in seventh with 61-0
  8. Casey Ashley is in eighth with 56-2;
  9. Chris Zaldain is ninth with 54-3;
  10. Yusuki Miyasaki is 10th with 52-9;
  11. Paul Elias is 11th with 62-6;

And we are sure Matt Herren is somewhere up the standings, but we've been unable to get in touch or get a report from him.


That's how our Top 12 is looking at the moment. The limits in the teen range are starting to show up and, unfortunately for Horton, some lost big fish are starting to have an impact as well.


If you watch the updates in War Room we will be showing you as up-to-the minute video as possible, including that Horton lost fish. Check in when you can.