The best at catching limits

Speaking of limits (which I was), the guys who are the very best at catching numbers of bass in competition won't surprise you much. They're also the guys who regularly win, regularly challenge for AOY and regularly qualify for the Bassmaster Classic. Here are the best five in Elite history at bringing a limit to the scales. The number represents the average number of bass they weigh in on a competition day.


1. Kevin VanDam     4.8818

2. Aaron Martens    4.8729

3. Todd Faircloth     4.8634

4. Michael Iaconelli  4.8418

5. Gerald Swindle    4.8333


Of that group, only Swindle missed the cut at Toledo Bend, and he had a limit each of the first two days and missed the cut by virtue of a tiebreaker. Is is a coincidence that the guys who most consistently limit are also the most successful? Not even close.

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