Average catch weight -- a stat you need to know


OK, you've seen that Toledo Bend ranks last among 2012 Elite venues in bassing average and right in the middle when it comes to average bass weight. Those are two pretty useful stats when it comes to evaluating a fishery's production during a tournament, but there's one more stat that does a better job of showing the big picture — average daily catch.


Average daily catch (the average weight brought to the scales each day by an Elite angler) basically sums up the other two stats — bassing average and average bass weight. It's probably the best single way to assess production during a tournament.


Here's the average catch weight for the five Elite tournaments so far this year. Toledo Bend's total is not final since we have the last weigh-in yet to come, but with only 12 anglers on the water it's not going to impact the number significantly. If anything, Toledo Bend's average catch weight will go up very slightly after the final weigh in, but not nearly enough to move it out of fourth place.


1. Bull Shoals                   13.7315

2. Okeechobee        13.3820

3. Douglas              12.3993

4. Toledo Bend       11.8107

5. St. Johns            11.3077


In case you're wondering, the average catch weight from Falcon Lake in 2008 was an eye-popping 24.3254 pounds! To win, Paul Elias averaged 33.125 pounds per day.

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