Anglers say bite picks up as day goes on

I mentioned earlier how important timing will be in this event. On a lake where summertime patterns play a part, that is always a consideration.


From anecdotal evidence from our anglers, it seems the bite picks up later in the day, so being at the right spot at the right time is something they are all fighting to do.


Matt Herren is living off the right timing at this point. A day before the tournament even started, he made the statement, "Just give me 51st place and I won't even fish." That was how much confidence he had in what he had found to that point.


Then in the waning hours of his practice, a big school of fish came up schooling in the area he was in. He was able to pinpoint where they came from and each day has caught as many as 100 bass to build a second-place standing after the second day.