Too close to call


Any way you look at it, this event is too close to call.
Faircloth did what he hoped he would do; Jones did what everyone thought he would need to do to win.
Now our guesstimates have it way too close to call.
Most of the time we sit around and talk about how the guy in second place can still create a close race. Most of the time it's just talk.
Mike McClelland warned us yesterday that you are never truly safe in Florida. He jumped by Brian Snowden three years ago in the middle of a 15-pound final-day deficit.
We aren't saying Jones has lost this. We are simply saying that Faircloth has at least made a game out of it and it looks like the weigh-in will be really close.
Both anglers are close to picking up stakes and heading to the weigh-in. Unless something changes, this will be our last blog for the day.
Jones has already headed up the river. Faircloth will need to leave in minutes. 
Most of the rest of the day will be boating and working on getting here in time.
End result: This could be one of the more exciting weigh-ins to watch.

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