Long dry spell for Jones

Just when it looked like Alton Jones' day was picking up, it has slowed to a crawl. Jones continues to methodically pick apart this huge eelgrass spawning flat in the south end of Lake George. His Power-Poles go down, he makes a couple of pitches with a Yum Dinger, and then the poles come up and he moves.

Jones probably wasn't too happy with a local angler who went 50 yards in front of him running his outboard motor at idle speed.

But, otherwise, Jones hasn't been hampered in any way by spectator boats. What few we've seen have stationed themselves far away.


Jones still has plenty of time to put this thing away with one big bite. But when and if that time comes, James Overstreet and I will not be there to witness it. We are trolling our way out of here, on our way back to the weigh-in, which could have much more drama than we expected when this day started.

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