Jones in stealth mode

We've been observing Jones enough to detect a pattern. It's almost like
he's hunting for deer. He moves, stops and looks  for motion around
a bed.

We've seen lots of push poles in boats this weekend. Alton Jones probably
has one in his boat this morning, but he isn't  using it. He figured out
yesterday that he can cover a lot more water by staying on the trolling
motor. Plus, if a big female isn't spooked by the trolling motor, it's a
sign that bass is catchable.

Jones discovered that when he accidentally pulled up within a foot of one
of those 8-pounders yesterday. Glare from the sun kept him from seeing
the fish until he was way closer than he wanted to be. But  the fish
didn't spook, and he was able to back away from the bed and catch the

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