Jones fishing like he's trailing

James Overstreet and I just pulled up to Alton Jones, who is fishing the same eel grass-covered spawning flat in the south end of Lake George where he was yesterday. Jones hasn't caught a fish yet, according to other observers here, but that's not unusual. Most of his weight has come when the sun is higher in the sky.


Jones hasn't gone into full stealth mode yet; he's still wearing his tournament jersey.


Even though he has a nine-pound lead over Todd Faircloth, Jones said this morning at takeoff that he's going  to fish as if he were trailing by a pound. Everyone knows the St. Johns River can produce a 30-pound bag. The last thing Jones wants is a repeat of last year, when he went  into the final day  with the lead - though only 2 1/2 pounds - before getting topped by Edwin Evers.

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