Coming down to the wire

Obviously, Faircloth has thrown a monkey wrench into the idea that Alton Jones had this sewn up. We knew he would have to catch some weight today, but we figured a 12-pound limit would get it done.


Faircloth's 22-pound stringer all of a sudden stiffened everyone's spines. That's less than a pound ahead of Jones.


We are judging these guesses from BASSTrakk and photographers who are close by, which means they are all guesses. It also means someone will think we are creating it for some last-minute drama. That's not the case. Faircloth has put together an amazing day, and if Jones doesn't answer, for the second time in as many years he will let an Elite Series victory slip through his fingers.


What BASSTrakk also tells us is Jones has left Lake George and is boating up the St. Johns toward Palatka. Faircloth is sticking it out to the bitter end in the lake, at least at this minute.


I will say it appears as if what looked like a "ho-hum" day has suddenly turned into something else.

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