And they're off! Day four begins

So here we go.  Day Four of the St. Johns River Showdown.  The twelve-man field just left the dock and are on their way to their first fishing spots.  Steve Bowman is up in the chopper as I am typing, shooting photos and BASSCams.


On the slate for today will be the War Room, BASSTrakk, Live Blog, and BASSCams.


Alton Jones is sitting with little over a nine pound lead going into today.  In fishing competition leads, that is a big one.  But, as we usually say in the Blog, these are the best anglers in the world and, we are in Florida.  That deficit by the field can be deminished in one bite.  And believe me, there are some big fish still to be had out there.  I saw them personnally myself while I was on the water blogging yesterday. 


Stay tuned. We will be sending you information as it is passed to us from our team out on the water.

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