Analysis: murderers row at St. Johns

This could be an over-statement of gross proportions, but it bears saying. This is one of the more interesting fishing days of recent Bassmaster history.


We have a battle shaping up that really defies all description. Alton Jones is sitting at the top of the heap in an eerily similar position as he was in last year, with an almost identical margin over second place, Rick Morris.


Below him you have a murderers row of sorts with Morris, David Walker, Todd Faircloth, Brent Chapman, Matt Herren, J. Todd Tucker, Randy Howell, Dean Rojas topped off by the potentially biggest assassin of all, Terry Scroggins in 10th place.


Jones knows he can’t stumble with that crew chasing him. His toe is likely still bruised from last season when Edwin Evers and Scroggins caught him.


The drama this little race will produce today is something that bears watching.


Add in three rookies to the mix, a resurgence of Skeet Reese (13th place) and a charging Shaw Grigsby (15th place).  I could go on and on.


In the middle of all of that are a couple of us guys bent on trying to keep you informed on as much of it as possible.


The War Room starts at 8 a.m. EST, this blog will be rolling along, BassTrakk will be up. Overstreet will be on the water along with Mark Zona.


We won’t have every detail, but we will get enough to keep an eye on things as they progress.  It should be worth watching.

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