Why is Bobby Lane smiling?

Last night at dinner Bobby Lane was counting a wad of cash and wearing a big smile. When asked what was up, he told us he and brother Chris Lane had a bet going on who would finish the year higher in Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings. The loser had to pay the winner $100.


Both brothers have had a terrific year. And both will be headed to the 2013 Classic. But based on the strength of his higher finish at Oneida Lake, Bobby completes the season at number 12 in AOY, with Chris wrapping it up at number 14.  Prior to Oneida, Chris was 14 and Bobby was 15. Bobby moved ahead by finishing in 21st place at the Oneida Championship with Chris finishing 42nd.


This is the second bet we know about between the Lane brothers this season. Though I wouldn't doubt they've had many more. Back at the Classic they had a bet along these lines-- if one of them won the Classic, he had to pay the Elite Series entry fee for the other brother. You may recall that Chris won the Classic and the $500,000 check that goes along with it. And Bobby got his $43,000 entry fee paid for by his brother.  

August 26, 2012

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