Who wants/needs it most

No review of a season finale would be complete without a look at who wants or needs a breakout performance the most. Taking a look at the top dozen anglers on BASSTrakk (they're the ones with a chance to win, after all), Randy Howell, Nate Wellman, Ott DeFoe, Terry Scroggins, KVD and Brent Chapman are already locks to make the 2013 Classic. Boyd Duckett, Scott Rook, Takahiro Omori and Jason Quinn need to hang on to their high positions, improve if there's room and maybe even get some outside help by having an angler already qualified for the Classic through the Elites double-qualify by winning one of the remaining Opens. That leaves Fletcher Shryock and Matt Greenblatt; the only way those two can make the 2013 Classic is by winning at Oneida. It's very simple for them.