Weather conditions different today

Today dawned quite differently than the previous two at Oneida Lake this week. The temperature is the same — about 60 degrees. But the fisherman's friend  the wind

has made an appearance.


There are 2-foot waves over much of the main lake. That may make it a bit uncomfortable to stand in a boat this morning, but as the early BASSTrakk fish catches are showing, the wind is a fisherman's friend, especially on a clear-water lake like Oneida.


And It has shifted today to the southeast. Mike Iaconelli pinned part of his problems yesterday on Mother Nature, saying, "Wind from the east, fish bite least. Wind from the west, fish bite best."


We don't know any old fishing adages for wind from the southeast, but just the fact that there's more wind than the last two days appears to be a bonus, if a bit uncomfortable.

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